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Ultimate Blade Bundle

by Furzone
Original price $650.00
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Original price $650.00
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Current price $600.00

The Ultimate Blade Bundle includes all the blades you need to groom dogs all year round. Including a convenient scissor and blade case to keep your blades safe and protect them from damage and rust. The blade case is also perfect for transporting blades when they need sharpening, never lose your blades again.

Having spare blades is so important for groomers, We recommend keeping your blades on rotation so while half of your blades are being sharpened, you still have all the blades you need to continue grooming. No more stress!

This bundle includes two Furzone #30 blades which are the most common blade a groomer will use. The 30 blade is used under all extension combs which allow groomers to cut at a range of lengths. The 30 blade leaves coat 0.5 mm in length, ideal for cattle and horses, and dog hygiene areas

The Furzone #7 blade is the other most common blade used by groomers. The #7 blade leaves a coat 4mm in length, cutting length allows for a whole range of grooming styles and maintenance cuts, particularly in summer when a shorter coat is preferred.


  • 2 x Furzone #30 Blade

  • 1 x Furzone #15 Blade

  • 1 x Furzone #10 Blade

  • 2 x Furzone #7 Blades

  • 2 x Furzone #5 Blades

  • 1 x Furzone #4 Blade

  • 1 x Furzone #3 3/4 Blade

  • Blade Case (Optional)


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