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Jelly Pet Grooming Loop extender

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The Jelly Pet Grooming Loop Extender is a must have for all grooming professionals who struggle with short grooming loops on a daily basis. Whether its during bathing or styling, the additional 13" on this extender will save you both valuable time and effort.

When using the grooming loop extender in the tub, you will find it much easier to hitch the dog's loop, allowing for more movement when needed while keeping the dog under better control.

On the grooming table, the extra 13" gives you additional flexibility when grooming small or large dogs. You may either restrain the dog, or allow them to move around on the table, without having to unclip or adjust the arm.

The Jelly Pet Grooming Loop extender is 13 ½” long with 5 five D-rings that are 2 inches apart from each other, giving you the ability to reach that sweet spot length. The stainless steel clip and rings are long-lasting and rust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing.

Jelly Pet: A Jolly Pooch is a Jelly Pet. Designed in California; we pride ourselves in making pet grooming products that are great for pets and their owners. All our products are designed by professional groomers and used by serious pet parents.

Color: Pink

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