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Kong Zoom Groom

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KONG ZoomGroom Shedding And Bathing Brush Red For Dogs RASPBERRY is Gentle Brush For Short and Long Coat Pets
  • A multiuse combined grooming and shampooing brush
  • Removes loose hair, dead skin and dander from the coat
  • It also helps to distribute and work the shampoo into the wet coat, when used during bathing
  • The brush is a one piece design made from strong durable flexible rubber
  • The brush is flexible and gentle
  • The rubber fingers reach through the coat to groom the hair and massage the skin while you brush
  • The massage action stimulates circulation and natural oil production to support healthy skin and coat
  • The flexible rubber and the brush design, make it easy to grip and hold in either hand, allowing effective brushing from any angle
  • Suitable for short and long coats
  • Great for all breeds of dogs and cats


  • Rubber fingers : 2cm long,  tapered thickness from base to tip
  • Brush: 17.2cm x 10.1cm x 3.8cm 
Color: Blue

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