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How to care for your dog grooming blades

How to care for your dog grooming blades

Why should you take care of your blades?

The benefits of taking a little extra time to care for your dog grooming blades far weighs out the trouble of doing it. Both from an efficiency and cost perspective. Here are our top 4 reasons: 

  • Prolong the blade and clippers life
  • Save time and money
  • Stay sharper longer
  • Maintain correct blade tension

Using blade oil to care for your blades

You should oil blades every 10-15 minutes of use as depicted in the image below.

Blade oil lubricates moving parts of the blade to reduce heat build up.

Blade Wash

After each dog and at the end of day disinfect and clean blades withH42 blade wash.

Detach blades from clipper and dip blades in blade wash jar and wipe with soft cloth or spray on blades with spray bottle

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Keeping your blades nice and sharp! 

Blades need to be sharpened when they start to drag and are not cutting as effectively.

This depends on many factors like how often you use your blades, how you use them and on what the condition of the dogs you are grooming (very dirty dogs or matted dogs etc)

For more information on our sharpening service, click here.

How we service blades

Having been trained and drilled by one of the foremost master sharpeners in the U.S. with over 20 years experience , we are now able to provide a best practice sharpening service to Australian groomers.

Travelled extensively overseas to find the best craftsmen and sharpeners.

Our process includes

  • Clean
  • Sharpen
  • Component testing
  • Demagnetise
  • Testing for cut (Testing is done on the Heiniger Saphir Clipper)
  • We also include a Sharpener’s Report, so you understand the condition of your blades, and what we have done to keep them in top shape.

Need help or still have questions? Contact us here or visit our showroom and we will do what we can to assist you

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