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Dog Grooming Shampoo Guide

Dog Grooming Shampoo Guide

There are so many pet shampoo options it can be overwhelming deciding what to try and what will be the best for your pets. Here is an overview of the different brands we stock and their range of shampoos

Melanie Newman

Melanie Newman Pet Shampoos

Melanie Newman offers a great range of shampoos that are natural, made with organic essential oils each with a practical purpose. 

Shop the Melanie Newman range here

Purify Shampoo and Conditioner utilises natural plant-derived ingredients including activated charcoal to clarify and whiten the coat naturally while also washing toxins and pollutions from the skin.

Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner is specifically designed to gently cleansing, enriched with organic tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus that will add moisture and naturally repel fleas leaving coat fresh and clean.

Relax Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with a blend of Lavendar, Geranium and Bergamot that soothes and relaxes while moisturising dry skin and coat. Contains Vitamins A, C and E to promote cell growth and leave coat shiny.

Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner contains Avocado Oil rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, D and E which naturally moisturise coat and is great for sun-damaged and dry coats.

Progroom Dog Grooming Shampoos

Progroom offer a quality range of shampoos and conditioners all serving different purposes, here is a list of the Progroom range and a brief overview

Progroom is dilutable, 6 parts water to 1 part shampoo, and therefore your product goes a long way and last longer. Any product that has been diluted and made up should be used within 24 hours. Anything mixed should be discarded after 24-48 hours to prevent bacteria.

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  • 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo: 2 in 1 Conditioning is designed to leave your pet's coat shiny and manageable without the additional separate conditioning step. A fast and easy shampoo for maintaining coat health.
  • Black Shampoo: is designed with optical pigments to enhance black and dark coats use to optimize the lustrous appearance of the coat. It will deepen the depth of colour and give an appearance of greater blackness to the coat.
  • Clarifying Shampoo: for dogs and cats to gently clarify, remove excess oils from coats, it can be used to remove dirt, grime and product build-up without drying out coat or skin.
  • Deodorising Shampoo: is a unique deodorant shampoo formulated to neutralise and remove bad odours from the dog’s coat and leave the pets smelling fresher longer and more human friendly.
  • Brightening Shampoo: is designed to enhance all coat colours and to optimize the lustrous appearance of the coat. It contains natural moisturising agents and optical brighteners that will make coats sparkle and colours pop.
  • Everyday Shampoo: is a gentle and effective pet shampoo formulated for general purpose for both dogs and cats, can't go wrong!
  • Puppy Shampoo: a gentle tearless formula for delicate puppies and kittens containing conditioning agents that maintains that soft puppy and kitten fluff ball.
  • Whitening Shampoo: with optical brighteners that enhance and make white coats sparkle. The gentle but deep cleaning formula will illuminate and brighten the dullest coat.
  • Tangle-less Shampoo: with luscious complex conditioning agents especially for curly and Oodle coats that tangle more easily than other breeds, it leaves coats soft, shiny and more manageable.
  • Xtra Clean Shampoo: designed for Cats and Dogs is a powerful cleansing and degreasing action that removes grease and excess oil from coats. Great for dirty pets!
  • Coat Care Shampoo:  is a sulfate free formula shampoo that gently cleans and restores vitality and improves integority to coats. Natural gentle ingredients, perfect for dogs with sensitive skin or skin conditions 
  • Dermal Care Shampoo: A true sensitive shampoo for dogs and cats Dermal Care is a gentle hypoallergenic & sulfate-free cleanser specifically formulated to not dry out coat and skin or trigger reactions.
  • FurEx De-shedding 3 Step System
    For best results, use all three steps.
    STEP 1 Shampoo - Prepares coat for loose hair removal and begins de-shedding process.
    STEP 2 Conditioner - Innovative formula to facilitate the removal of excess fur.
    STEP 3 Finishing Spray - Promotes maximum release of tangled and collected hair.


  • Rehydrating Conditioner: for all breed and coat types is a popular aloe vera based conditioner that lightly moisturises promoting a healthy shiny coat whilst improving manageability. Renowned for its hydrating formula and versatility that can be adapted to suit every coat condition.
  • Crisp Conditioner: is really popular conditioner among groomers. Its' a unique NON- Softening Conditioner this means the conditioner will not weigh down the coat. Promotes volume in coat. 
  • Easy Rinse Conditioner: hydrates and moisturises the coat with aloe-vera and ultra-emollients, leaving it healthy and shiny. Great to pair with the range of Progroom Shampoo for quick but effective conditioning.
  • Intense Conditioning Treatment: is a remarkable deep-penetrating conditioner to restore integrity and health to dry or damaged hair and skin. Formulated with Quaternized Honey and Pro-Vitamin B-5, which have been proven to penetrate skin and hair cells to restore moisture balance. Keratin protein binds to the hair shaft to strengthen weak or damaged hair, actually improving the structure of the coat.
  • Coat Care Conditioner: Deep and enriches plant based proteins Coat Care Conditioner to maintain your pets coat in show ring condition. Pair with the Coat Care Shampoo
  • Dermal Care Conditioner: Ideal for those itchy dogs, cats and other sensitive pets, Dermal Care Conditioner with rich emollient formula that offers exceptional conditioning and detangling benefits and hydration dry skin and coats, perfect solution for pets that scratch a lot. Pair with Dermal Care Shampoo


  • Berry Bright Cleanser: The perfect in between bath solution!Berry Bright is a gentle foaming cleanser for dogs that brightens & leaves a wonderful berry fragrance. Use as a safe facial whilst shampooing or for touch-ups in between grooming.
  • Easy Comb Detangler: for dogs and cats is light but effective a leave-in conditioning spray that makes removing tangles it can be used on wet or dry hair and will not leave a sticky feeling on the coat. 
  • ProMagic: A versatile liquid tool for Easier Styling, reduces drying time, detangles and many other benefits


Petway Shampoo

Petway Natural Shampoos + Conditioners

Petway Petcare also supply a multitude of products including a quality range of natural shampoos and conditioners, below is an overview of the range and their purposes

Shop the Petway range here


  • Everyday Pink Shampoo: most popular naturally based, general purpose, cosmetic shampoo concentrate. It thoroughly cleanses and deodorises the animals coat and invigorates the skin. It brightens white coats, highlights natural coat colours and provides a superb lustrous coat finish
  • Gentle Protein Shampoo: Great for use on animals with sensitive skin. Also an ideal shampoo for drop coat breeds. It contains a natural protein to moisturise, hydrate and retexture the skin and Baking Soda as a deodoriser to eliminate doggy smells and Aloe Vera for cosmetic purposes.
  • Skin Care Shampoo: is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. The sensitive skin pet shampoo is made with vegetable extract and vitamin E making a gentle and non-irritating experience for your animal.
  • Tearless Puppy Shampoo: a naturally based gentle cosmetic shampoo concentrate. It is tearless, non-irritating and has a low allergen delicious crisp apple fragrance. Great for puppies and kittens, perfect for safely washing animals faces and super sensitive animals. 
  • Aroma Care Shampoo: with Vitamin E an excellent naturally based, cosmetic shampoo concentrate containing pure steam distilled Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile for cosmetic fragrance purposes. Lavender is a natural soother and relaxer and Chamomile provides natural coat and skin conditioning qualities.
  • Black Coats Shampoo:  is a naturally based shampoo for use on animals with black and dark coats. It has been specifically formulated with plant derived ingredients to enhance natural coat colours and add richness and shine to black and dark coats without using dyes
  • Wicked White Whitening & Stain Removal Shampoo: Is a dog whitening shampoo for white coat breeds. The shampoo for white dogs contains a specially formulated blue coloured stain removing agent within the shampoo not only whitens the coat, but also removes dirty stains, tear, urine, and licking stains.
  • De-Shedding Shampoo: A natural based shampoo for use on double-coated and shedding breeds. It has been formulated to help release the undercoat and assist in the de-moulting process.
  • Volumising Shampoo:  is a naturally based shampoo for use on coats that require added volume and body. It contains natural proteins to add volume and body to the hair shafts giving the coat a fuller look. It revitalises the coats appearance and adds volume, shine and lustre while moisturising and hydrating the skin.
  • Clarifying Shampoo: Developed to thoroughly clean dogs of all dirt, grime and excess sebum, fats and oils without stripping the coat and skin of essential natural oils. Great for dirty dogs!
  • Coarse Coats Shampoo: specifically formulated to adds texture and body to the coats of all breeds, but not soften wire, harsh or coarse coats. It will brighten and highlight the coats natural colours and leaves a lovely fragrance.
  • Curly Coat and Oodle Shampoo: specifically for curly coats and oodle breeds. It will retain the curl or texture of the coat and add volume.
  • Herbal Shampoo: a naturally based, deep cleansing, cosmetic shampoo concentrate. Contains natural herbal extracts of Aloe Vera, Citronella and Rosemary for cosmetic purposes. It is a deep cleansing shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the coat and skin on greasy, oily animals. Brightens whites and highlights natural coat colours.
  • Cat Shampoo: is a naturally based, extra deep cleansing shampoo for cats. Contains gentle degreasers that powerfully remove excess oils, dirt, grime, dandruff, dander and residual build up without drying the coat or stripping natural oils.


  • Everyday Pink Conditioner: a revitalizing and nourishing naturally based, general purpose cosmetic conditioner for normal skin types, that adds shine and restores the coats natural lustre, while invigorating the skin. 
  • Gentle Protein Conditioner: a naturally based, gluten free, nourishing and revitalising cosmetic skin and coat conditioner, especially good for use on animals with sensitive skin. Natural Proteins and Aloe Vera soften and moisturise the skin and revitalise the coat appearance.
  • Powder Creme Conditioner: a revitalizing and nourishing naturally based, general purpose cosmetic conditioner for normal skin types, that adds shine and restores the coats natural lustre, while invigorating the skin.


  • Pink Musk Cologne Coat Gloss: Naturally based, plant derived cologne coat gloss spray that leaves a lasting unique floral musk fragrance. Contains conditioning agent, adds shine and lustre to the coat and is non oily. It also repels dirt, dust and speeds un drying time.
  • Coconut Cologne Coat Gloss: An excellent choice for use as a show gloss. Adds shine and lustre to the coat. Refreshens coat between washes and may also be used to freshen animals bedding and living areas
  • Aroma Care Cologne Coat Gloss: Contains pure steam distilled essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile for fragrance purposes, also contains Vitamin E. Adds shine to the coat and promotes lustre, leaving a beautiful aromatic fragrance.
  • Floral Detangler Cologne: a naturally based plant derived cosmetic detangler cologne. Dentagling properties assist with combing and brushing the coat. Adds shine and lustre to the coat. Leaves a lasting floral fragrance when used as a finishing cologne. 
  • Anti-Static Detangler: Can be used as a pre-wash detangler for dogs, as a combing/brushing aid when drying and as a daily grooming aid. Formulated to reduce the fibre to fibre interaction of tangled or knotted coats, manes or tails.
    Anti-static detangler can also be used in combination with the Petway De-Shedding Shampoo for long coated and double coated breeds. Mix 50/50 Anti-static with De-Shedding Shampoo and the wash as normal. Reduces drying time by half!


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