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Double K Airgonomic Nozzle Kit

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Introducing the very effective new Double K Airgonomic nozzle system for the models 2000, AirMax, Extreme and 850.

This innovative ergonomic system reduces nozzle body temperature by about 20° and has a slide on handle which remains at room temperature and provides extra control. The nozzle body operated without any of the snap-on tips is designed for substantial drying effectiveness while staying under the OSHA noise threshold of 85 dB.

The nozzle tips which allow high velocity, super high velocity and the “air sweep” pattern are snapped on and removed easily.

Upgrade your current dryer to the latest technology.


note: Airgonomic Nozzle - Complete Kit, dryer is not included


Kit including:

  • 1 x Nozzle Body
  • 1 x Nozzle Handle
  • 1 x Air Sweep Nozzle Tip
  • 1 x Hi-Velocity Nozzle Tip
  • 1 x Super Hi-Velocity Nozzle Tip

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