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Everyday Foam Cleanser Refill 500ml Progroom

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Waterless shampoo with a mild tearless formula that’s safe, making it ideal for faces and freshening up between baths. Our Everyday Foam Cleanser with Aloe Vera pairs up with our signature ‘Springtime’ scent in our pink Everyday Range, perfect for a grooming professional. It’s easy to use and there’s no rinsing required allowing it to safely clean faces and be used for spot cleaning a messy mishap!
  • Can be used on dry wet coat
  • Do not apply foam directly into eyes or mouth
  • Dispense foam into hand than apply to animal
  • Ready to use - DO NOT Dilute
As a facial:
  • Apply just a few squirts in your hand
  • Gently work foam in and around mouth and eyes
  • Allow foam to soak in while shampooing the rest of your pet
  • Rinse & groom as usual

In between baths:
  • Can be used as a waterless bath on dry coat
  • Apply foam to messy area
  • Gently work in foam with fingers
  • Wipe area with damp cloth or rinse off with a touch of water
  • Towel dry
  • Brush or comb coat

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